Established for over 25 years, Glide and Slide in Otley is the place to visit for all your ski wear and equipment. 
Glide and Slide has a reputation for offering the best ski boot fitting service in Yorkshire, and stocks the largest range of ski boots in the country. We are the only UK supplier of Strolz made-to-measure Ski Boots from Austria so we can fit ski boots for the most unusual feet.
We stock a wide range of ski wear, whether you are looking for a jacket and pants on a budget or just need to bring your winter wardrobe up to date with a new hat, gloves, helmet or midlayer, you can choose from brands such as Uvex, Atomic, Salomon and Slokker. 
The Eiger Suite in our Otley shop is where you will find our luxury ski clothing from Sportalm, Degre 7 and J.Lindeberg for those who want to look great on the slopes without compromising on quality and technicality. 
If you dream of cruising the blue runs,  throwing down 1080's in the park or blasting through powder on your own set of skis, we can advise on the best type and sizing for you. Our service department will keep your equipment in top condition, offering waxing, edging and repair services.
Our long running SchoolPlus department helps make children's ski holidays with school that little bit easier for parents, children and teachers alike. We offer great value clothing and ski-packs for schools running ski trips. Visit our SchoolPlus page for more information on this service. 
Whether it is your first ski holiday, and you need guiding through the basics, or it's your 20th trip and you are looking for high performance ski gear, our staff are both knowledgeable and enthusiastic about snowsports. Owner Steven Hankin, has over 30 years experience in the ski industry in race training and running ski schools as a BASI Ski Instructor. A true family business, daughter Madeline Hankin has had the benefit of her father's knowledge passed down to her as well as becoming an experienced skier spending time in the mountains from a very young age. Manager, Ally Bolton imparts his knowledge as a highly experienced and qualified ski boot fitter, and a CSIA Ski Instructor. 

5-7 Station RdOtley West Yorkshire LS21 3HX
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    Glide & Slide Ski Shop UK Bike Fitting

    Green Service

    1. The standard measurements are taken, with the production of 6 core measurements.

    2. By using the DIGITAL ANALYSER to measure the bike and produce an optimised set of results we are then able transfer this data to the bike*.

    3. Final testing is then undertaken on our jig.

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    Blue Service

    1. The standard measurements are taken, with the production of 6 core measurements.

    2. By using the DIGITAL ANALYSER to measure the bike and produce an optimised set of results we are then able transfer this data to the bike*.

    3. We will then set up your pedal cleats to ensure you are in the correct position.

    4. Final testing is then undertaken on our jig.

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    Orange Service

    1. The standard measurements are taken, with the production of 6 core measurements.

    2. By using the DIGITAL ANALYSER to measure the bike and produce an optimised set of results we are then able transfer this data to the bike*.

    3. We will then set up your pedal cleats to ensure you are in the correct position.

    4. Finally we will use the MOTION ANALYSER to very accurately analyse in real time your pedal stroke and any impact this has on your knee alignment, pelvic and shoulder movement.

    5. Further adjustments are made as needed to optimise the fit.

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    Other Fitting Services

    £60 - £80

    Sidas Custom Made Footbeds To stabilise and support your foot correctly we recommend having a pair of Sidas Comforamble Custom insoles made. These are made 100% to the shape of your foot and give you a solid platform to build on.


    Pedal Cleat Alignment Using our pedal CLEAT ADJUSTMENT TABLE and BIKEFITTING.COM software, we measure your feet and then precisely position the pedal cleat to optimise your performance and comfort levels.


    The importance of bike fitting

    Having a properly set up bike is beneficial to every cyclist, whether you are just starting out, riding for pleasure or are a seasoned pro looking for that extra edge!

    At Glide & Slide we offer a range of bike fitting services which not only utilise the latest technology and equipment, but more importantly we use our knowledge and biomechanical expertise built up over 35 years of making custom footbeds (bespoke shoe insoles) and setting up canting (alignment) in ski boots to put you in the ideal position on the bike and align your lower limbs with the pedal through canting cleats. Whether your aim is to simply improve the comfort of your riding and prevent injury, or increase your performance level we will be able to help you.

    Although we are a specialist ski and snowboard shop, ski boot fitting and alignment and making footbeds have given us a great depth of knowledge which we are able to transfer to the field of cycling. The same parameters arise in both sports, because unless you are positioned correctly you will waste energy and increase the chances of injury.

    Combining this knowledge with the BIKEFITTING.COM fitting system allows us to offer a service that is purely aimed at improving your comfort and performance and not at selling you expensive upgrades for your bike.

    The BIKEFITTING.COM system is the same as the Shimano fitting system and is one of the most established in the industry. Boasting a huge database of fitting data (which is regularly updated) the system also offers a range of levels of fit from comfort to professional. This means we can tailor the fit or your bike to your exact requirements.

    At the end of the fitting process you will receive all the information should you decide that you want to have a bespoke bike built for you, or as a size guide for a standard bike purchase.

    What's involved?

    Initial Assessment

    We will look at your flexibility and talk about any existing injuries or conditions you have which may affect your comfort whilst on the bike. We will also talk to you about your aims and aspirations for cycling. If you want to be the next winner of the Tour de France your bike set up will be very different from the majority of cyclist who ride purely for pleasure and simply want a more comfortable ride. After this assessment we may advise you that starting to stretch regularly and improving your flexibility will help increase your comfort levels while cycling almost as much as the bike fitting will do.

    Feet (the foundation of cycling)

    Your feet are the point of contact between you and the bike, therefore if there is an issue with your feet it will transfer into your cycling as a whole. Having a solid, stable foundation for your cycling will not only improve the comfort level and reduce the risk of injury; it will also improve the performance levels as more energy will be going directly into the pedal during each stroke. If your foot is not correctly aligned and supported on the pedal the result can be pain in the knee, hip, lower back and even shoulders.

    We begin each fitting by assessing your feet and natural stance for any individualities that need addressing, or that may have to be dealt with later in the fit. If there are any issues we will then look at your shoes and pedal cleats and make any necessary adjustments. For some customers a custom footbed would be beneficial. We use Sidas Conformable 100% Custom Moulded Footbeds which we fit inside your shoes. By taking a mould of your foot and building a footbed to that exact shape we are able to support your foot in a much more effective way. In this way the pressure generated by each pedal stroke is distributed over the whole foot, as opposed to being concentrated on the ball of the foot. A properly made footbed will also help to align the foot correctly which will reduce strain on the knee, hip, lower back and shoulders.


    Using the BIKEFITTING.COM measuring system we will take a set of 8 key measurements which will give us a starting point to work from. We will also take into account your riding style, aspirations and any existing injuries and conditions in order to put you in the optimum position on the bike.

    Bike Setup

    Once we have a set of measurements to work from your bike setup can be changed as required. To do this we will put your bike on our laser jig (DIGITAL ANALYSER) and take a set of reference measurements of your existing setup. We can then make alterations we feel would be appropriate based on the biomechanical data we have collected. These adjustments will vary from person to person, but common adjustments include changing the seat and/or handlebar height. We may also offer advice on other potential improvements, for example, replacing the handle bar stem.

    Motion Analysis

    We are the proud owners of the only BIKEFITTING.COM REAL-TIME MOTION ANALYSER in the UK. By using this piece of equipment, which is normally found in team headquarters and sporting institutes, we are able to measure any movements in the knees, shoulders and the pelvis to identify any biomechanical imbalances and problems in your cycling position. The analyser uses inbuilt cameras to track your body's movements. Once we have this data we can make small, precise alterations to your position on the bike and reduce any stress on the knees, hips, lower back and shoulders.

    Pedal & Cleat Adjustment

    To set up your cleats correctly we use a piece of equipment from BIKEFITTING.COM to very accurately measure your feet and identify the optimum position for your cleats to be fitted to your shoes. The shoe cleat is positioned so that the ball of the foot rests exactly above the centre-line of the pedal axle, realizing optimal power transmission through the shoe cleats. The position of the foot on the pedal is adjusted in such a way that potential twisting of the lower leg is avoided. Because the ball of the foot rests exactly above the pedal axle, "ankling" is assisted which leads to a more fluid and natural pedalling action. This means that "burning-feet-syndrome" will sharply diminish and in some cases disappear completely.


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