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To book a fitting please call us on 01943 461136

Here at Glide & Slide we specialize in ski boot fitting and we are British Ski Boot-fitting Association (BSBA) Gold Members. Therefore, ski boot fitting is something which we take very seriously. From the custom-made ski boots of Strolz to off-the-shelf ski boots from many leading manufacturers, we are sure we can find (and fit) the right boot for you!

Covid19 Safe

Your fitting will take place one on one with your boot fitter. Our fitting bench now has dividing screens between customers and your boot fitter will be wearing all the relevent PPE. We ask all customers to sanitize their hands when entering the shop and wear a mask at all times. If you develop any Covid symptoms please call use prior to your appointment so that we can reschedule for a later date.

Glide & Slide is a BSBA accredited bootfitting specialist and attracts customers from all over the U.K. and beyond.
Ally Bolton (BSBA 201) is a CSIA 2 Ski Instructor and has 16 years experience fitting ski boots. Ally started working at Glide & Slide in 2004 after returning to the UK after working as a Ski Instructor in Banff, Canada and is now (along with Maddy Hankin) the owner of Glide & Slide. Ally is also the only fitter of Strolzmade to measure ski boots in the UK.

Marc Cramp After spending 5 seasons skiing and snowboarding in New Zealand Marc returned to the UK (via South Africa) and joined Glide & Slide in 2018. Having been trained by both Ally and Steven (the founder of Glide & Slide) as well as Sidas, Marc has a wealth of experience in all aspects of boot fitting and is a firm favourite with our customers.

The Process

Fitting a pair of ski boots is not a quick process, so allow plenty of time when coming in for a fitting. Most fittings take at least 2 hours. And please remember to bring your own ski socks with you.

Foot Analysis

The ski boot that is right for you, is the boot that fits the best. In order to find that boot, we first need to assess your feet.
We start by accurately measuring your feet. Don't be surprised if your feet aren't exactly the same size as each other, this is normal. After measuring your feet we assess your foot shape, your stance and any conditions or injuries which may influence the choice of boot. We also take into account any individualities your feet may have, such as bunions, low arches, etc.
We will talk to you about your skiing ability and style, any skiing preferences you have (such as skiing in the off-piste) and your past experiences with ski boots, be it good or bad. Armed with this information, we are able to start the process of selecting a ski boot for you.

Boot Selection

Boots vary in width and volume, so it is important to select the boot that fits your foot the best, straight off the shelf before we make any adjustments. Using the information gathered during the initial assessment we are able to select a boot that will suit your feet and your skiing. We carry one of the largest boot ranges in the country, and are the sole UK supplier of Strolz made-to-measure Ski boots. Carrying such an extensive range, means that we can be confident that we can find and fit a boot for anyone.

The Fitting

The final stage is to fit the boots. All boots we stock, come with heat moldable liners and some with custom moldable shells. This process allows us to mold the shell of the boot to match the shape of your feet and ankles to eliminate any pressure points. A common example of this would be molding the shell to match a bunion of one or both feet. Even if a boot does not have a custom moldable shell, we have a fully equipped workshop containing boot stretchers, grinding tools, etc. This means that we can adapt a ski boot to achieve the ideal fit.


Our boot fitting experience, allied with orthotic foot analysis, shows us that there are, on the whole (although one should never generalize), three different foot types: Low Arch, Medium Arch and High Arch. These different shapes can create a variety of issues within the ski boot, or any other footwear for that matter. A correctly made molded footbed will support the foot properly and alleviate these problems.
While we do not insist on making a footbed for every pair of boots, we do believe that footbeds will improve the fit and comfort of the boots and will therefore improve your skiing experience. We will talk to you during your initial assessment about footbeds and whether you would benefit from them.

After The Fitting

After the fitting it is very important that you wear the boots as much as possible before you go skiing. If possible, we recommend skiing at an indoor snow slope before your holiday, as this gives us the opportunity to make any minor adjustments that may be needed after you have skied in the boots for the first time. Any ski boots bought and fitted at Glide & Slide come with a Fit Guarantee and any fit adjustments that may be required over the life of the boots are free of charge!

To book a fitting please call us on 01943 461136

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