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Glide & Slide Independent Ski Shop UK workshop

Factory Finish UK Ski and Snowboard Servicing - Glide & Slide

Ski servicing and snowboard servicing at Glide & Slide, we take great pride in. To achieve a really great service, you not only need modern equipment, but also skilled and experienced technicians. With one of the best equipped workshops in the UK, and a team of technicians who have the knowledge and experience to service by hand when required, as well as how to get the best out of the equipment, we are able to meet your exact servicing needs every time.

  • Products 4 U Germany - Grind Master Belt and Stone Grinder
  • Products 4 U Germany - Ceramic Disc Finish
  • Products 4 U Germany - Waxing Belt and Polishing Brush
  • Reichmann Diatronic Pro Binding Tester

Just drop your equipment into us anytime within our opening hours and we'll book it in for a service and aim to have it ready for collection within a week.

Ski and Snowboard Servicing Pricelist

Full Service - £40
Base grind, Edge & Wax - £30
Wax Only - £15

Base Patch - £10 per patch

Ski Binding Testing (with Report) - £20

Ski Binding Mount (drilled) - £55
Ski Binding Mount (track) - £35

Priority Servicing (48 hour turn around)

An additional £10 to the price of the service - this service is availble when the demand on the workshop allows it.


Servicing - FAQs

Q: Does grinding the base and sharpening the edges reduce the life of my skis?

A: This depends on how much material is taken away (ground away) each time they are serviced. We only lightly grind the base in order to preserve the life of your skis or snowboard. Also, because we use a ceramic disc edger (rather than a coarse file or belt) the edges are returned to a factory finish without overly reducing the life of the skis.

Q: How often should I have my equipment serviced?

A: You will normally find that your skis or snowboard (at the least) need waxing and edging after every trip. The bases may also need some attention, but this is dependant on the snow conditions you had on your trip. If you had lots of snow and didn't hit any rocks then the bases may well be OK.

Q: How long do I need to leave my equipment with you?

A: We aim to work on a week turnround during the ski season. Priority servicing may be available at an additional cost.

Q: Are there any steps I should take to keep my equipment in good condition?

A: Apart from the obvious things such as avoiding rocks, having regular services and generally being careful when transporting your equipment (by using a padded bag or hard case for example). It is also a good idea to thoroughly dry the edges of your skis or snowboard at the end of each trip. Having your skis serviced and "laid up" for the summer after your last trip of the season will also stop the bases from drying out. It is better to keep your equipment in a stable temperature environment when not in use (as opposed to a hot attic or cold cellar).


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